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MMSSTV – Creating and Using Templates

MMSSTY automatically generates a few templates based on the call-sign that you typed specified when you installed and setup the program.

To view these, just click on the ‘S. templates’ button.

Double clicking on a template box will place it in the picture window and make it the “Current Template”.
Now whenever you turn on the “Use Template” button that is the template that will be superimposed on the TX picture.
Lets create a template to display your call sign on the picture.

  • 1. Click on the Template TAB
  • 2. Double click on a blank template box. This will set the current template to this blank.
how to create new templates

New Templates

  • 3. Click on the “Draw Text” button
  • 4. Place your mouse pointer in the picture window, hold the left button and drag the mouse to create a text box of about the size you want
  • 5. Release the mouse button and type in your call-sign in the drop down box
  • 6. For now accept the default font and colors by clicking “OK”
  • 7. Use your mouse to drag and resize the text box as needed
  • 8. To save as a stock template, left click the mouse anywhere in the picture window and drag it down to an empty stock template box

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